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The Benefits of Saffron Flowers Plants

Saffron Flowers - Saffron flower is originally from the Crocus Sativus flower which in Arabic is called Za'faran, and the Malays call it kuma kuma. Saffron Crocus often gets the nickname of Vegetable Gold, Gold of Dessert, Spice King, Spice Queen, and many other nicknames for this flower plant. 

Each Crocus flower has three stigma heads or so-called stigmas. The part of the pistil stalk, the stalk that connects between the pistil and the inside of this flower is called Saffron Crocus. Before packed or used the stem is generally dried first.

Saffron Crocus is common in the Middle East and some European countries close to the Middle East, such as India, Iran, Kashmir (India-Pakistan border valley), Greece, Italy and Spain.

Saffron Flower Specialty
The Benefits of Saffron Flowers Plants

This flower can be said Special because Physical interest, this flower including flowers that have a beautiful appearance and pleasing to the eye. Benefit of interest, this flower is included which has many benefits for human life.

Therefore Saffron Crocus flower herbs are so expensive and much sought after by many people because these flowers are a lot of benefits and it has become common knowledge. Having a beauty that does not belong to another interest is one of the advantages again, the interest is interesting and also characterizes a strong characteristic of this Saffron Crocus flower.

One more thing that makes Saffron Crocus factor is expensive because it comes from the pistil sticks, because the number of pistils on the flowers just a little then this plant became one of the most expensive herbs in the world. In one flower, only have 3 pistils only.

Benefits of Saffron Crocus Flower

There are at least 3 Benefits of Saffron Crocus flowers for human life, namely:

1. Benefits of Saffron Crocus Flower For Food Ingredients

Saffron Crocus is an ingredient that is often used in food as a spice. The most commonly encountered is the use of Saffron Crocus on Briyani Rice, a typical Indian food. The yellow color that appears on the original Briyani Rice is not derived from turmeric, but from Saffron Crocus.

Saffron Crocus also gives a special taste on the Briyani Rice that gives characteristic. More and more use of Saffron Crocus on food will give a darker color. With too much content will provide a bitter taste in food.

If you are curious as to what flavor of this most expensive spice? Saffron has a slightly bitter taste on the tongue and the aroma is legit. Therefore planting it will probably be much more effective. In addition to save expenses, also can feel how it feels to keep the ornamental plants that fall into the category of the most expensive plants in the world. Of course it will be very nice and proud.

2. Benefits of Saffron Crocus Flowers For Health.

Saffron Crocus has many anticarcinogenic substances that function to prevent cancer, Antioxidants that prevents free radicals, and Antimutagenik which serves to prevent gene mutation.

Saffron Crocus contains a variety of nutrients such as fiber, protein, vitamin A (carotene), B, and C, selenium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus and folic acid.

Saffron Crocus has properties that can prevent neurological diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. other benefits of maintaining the function of organs in the body, maintaining fluid flow and blood pressure and cholesterol, raising stamina, treating constipation, raising eye health, increasing fertility hormones, treating depression, reducing the risk of heart disease, menstruation, and increase the ability to remember.

3. Benefits of Saffron Crocus Flowers As Perfumes.

Saffron Crocus has a unique flora and natural flora, which can provide peace of mind and can make people who kiss the fragrance becomes more relaxed. People in the Middle East have long used Saffron Crocus into their blend of fragrances. It is said that people who are having a headache when they smell the fragrance of Saffron Crocus can be pain relieved.

Price of Saffron Crocus Flower

Looking at the many benefits of Saffron Crocus, why not use Saffron Crocus in our daily needs? Can be really and highly recommended. But it takes a lot of money if we want Saffron Crocus into our monthly shopping list.

How much is per-Kg Saffron Crocus? The price of 1 kg of Saffron Crocus is about 690 - 830$. Why so expensive? Because in a flower stalk Crocus Sativus only produce 3 stalks Saffron Crocus, and that too must still be selected quality.

And that produces Saffron Crocus in large numbers in the world only some countries in the Middle East and some European countries close to the Middle East mentioned above earlier.

So nih, if there is a product, whether it is medicine, food, or fragrant oil that one of the womb is Saffron Crocus, mandatory and worth trying. When again there is an opportunity to try products filled by one of the most expensive raw materials in the world.

Certainly the product also provides a distinctive taste, color, and smell, which is not found in other products that do not use Saffron Crocus.

So little discussion of the The Benefits of Saffron Flowers Plants hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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