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How to Plants Cambodian Flowers and Treatments

Cambodian Flowers - At first the ornamental plants Cambidoan  flowers or Frangipani Flower are often considered haunted because many found in the cemetery.

But now this plant has been popular as an ornamental plant. Cambodian flower is not from frangipani, but comes from south america. How to Plant frangipani flowers can be done with several methods such as stem cuttings, grafts, seeds, grafting, and can instead be planted in pots.

Cambodian flowers found by a lover of a French crop called Charles Plumier, that's why Cambodian flowers has a Latin name Plumeria, different from flower frangipani japan which has name latin Adenium.

Since when its existence in Indonesia until now not known exactly. However, Cambodian flowers is predicted to be first brought to Indonesia by the Portuguese and the Dutch where both are a nation that concerns the environment and is very fond of the tropics. But how to grow frangipani flowers that once rotted much like now.

Predicted native Cambodian frangipani flower is white with a yellow inner, with a bud that is not fully open and small. Cambodian flower thrives in the lowlands up to a height of 700 meters, but in general this ornamental flower plants can flourish throughout the place.

How to Plant Cambodian Flowers

Frangipani flower has 2 leaf shape. The first one has a pointed leaf and the other has a rounded tip. The difference does not affect the way it is planted.

Better before buying specify first type, shape, color, and function of frangipani when will be planted later.

Make sure this frangipani tree has a root ball wrapped by sack / polybag. Fill a good polybag between 100 to 200 liters.

Before planting make a hole size 120 x 120 cm with a depth of 80 to 100 cm. Make sure the holes that have been dug there is no dirt like concrete, gravel, and so forth.

Planting frangipani with containers that are still attached. This is intended so that frangipani trees can adapt slowly to the growing media and the most recent place.

Frangipani flowers can we multiply in many ways, but now we are just going to discuss two ways to grow frangipani flowers, that is by cuttings on the stem of the plant and using the grafting technique.

In ancient times this frangipani flower on the land with grave flowers, when in Java and surrounding areas, this type of frangipani flowers grow wild in the burial area.

How to Plant Cambodian Flowers with Stek Rest

  • First, look for frangipani mothers who are big, old and healthy, have no defects. When you have met, then cut the frangipani rod with a length of approximately 20 cm. Leave it alone for a week, then place it in a shady place and not dry.
  • For the upper trunk, if you have a lot of dauj, just throw away the daunya, leave only 2 leaves. This is to reduce the evaporation of plants when we do the tapping.
  • After cutting, do not forget to immediately slice or smear the scar from the cut with a root stimulant that we can buy at the farm shop. This is so quick to stimulate the tumbunya roots.
  • For the planting medium, we can use the fuel husk we mix with charcoal, with a ratio of 1: 2. Then stir until evenly distributed.
  • After a week, the plants we have cut have been planted in a pot with the plant media as described above.
  • After we do the cutting stems, you should let it just once a week, not directly planted. This is to keep the emergence of bacteria and the shape of the tip that has not been smooth that can bring mushrooms and cendawa. After the stems in the plant, then do watering sufficiently, 3 times a day. It is not recommended to contain lots of water other than to prevent stem decay, this is also so that the process of root formation more quickly.


  • First look for healthy plants, have big stems and grab the buds by cutting with a sharp knife.
  • Find the bottom stem we want to stick the buds, then slice just like with the slice of bud eye to fit when pasting.
  • Then attach the bud eye to the rootstock with the position of the bud eye facing upwards.
  • Next strap tightly, wear a plastic rope, remember when doing binding, bud eye should not be closed.
  • If it is ready, we should cut the rootstock of this plant just to accelerate the growth of the bud eye.
  • Put the plant in a shady and dry place and have a smooth air circulation.
  •  Keep in mind, many people yag upside down when doing the attachment of buds. Thus, the buds will not grow. Should be meticulous before attaching the eyes of the shoot so that when doing grafting in accordance with the desired kamboja.


Cambodian is not a difficult tree in terms of treatment. Low maintenance should be carried by this type of tree. This flora character can be said to be resilient. This plant does not require too much human intervention since planted until it reaches a height of 4-5 meters.

We recommend that this tree is planted with the intensity of direct sunlight. The leaves are also not easy to fall out, just old flowers will certainly fall by itself. It also requires a porous planting media type.

Frangipani tree, although theoretically a lowland plant, it can grow fertile anywhere. Although easy to maintain, this tree also has problems with pest attacks.

So little discussion of the How to Plants Cambodian Flowers and Treatments hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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