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How to Plant and Take Care Bougainvillea Flowers

Bougenville Flower - Bougenville (Latin: Bougainvillea spectabilis) or often called Bougenvilleis a flower in the family Nyctaginaceae. Bougenville flowers are called Bougenville because the flower is thin looks like paper. This flowering ornamental plant flourishes because the way to plant paper flowers is easy and care is not difficult.

The origin of this flower is South America. The beauty of this plant comes from the flowers whose color is bright and attract attention, because the flowers grow with the lush.

Bougenvilleis always planted in parks and residential areas. At the time of this bougenville flowering plants, this ornamental plant has a habit of threshing some leaves.

How to Plant Bougenville Flowers Grow to Fast
Bougainvillea tree care in winter

Propagation of bougenville plants can be done by stem cuttings, grafting, graft, or seeds. How to grow a varied paper flower allows us to plant it.
Bougenville ornamental plants are treated with water sprayed enough, kept moist soil, and fertilized with organic fertilizer. Media flower planting paper that is a mixture of garden soil, sand, and manure

Preparation Process

The first thing you need to prepare when planting bougenville ornamental plants is to prepare the seeds. Good and quality seeds can be obtained from good quality breeders.
You should choose the broodstock that has been old and mature, then done the cutting of flowers and dried to a hot place. Then separate the seeds from the flowers to be seeds.

Seeding Process

After the seeds of the flowers are obtained and perfectly dried, you can continue on the seeding process. The seeding process is done on a medium made from a mixture of soil, compost, and balanced sand.

Seed sowing process on the medium runs for 3 to 7 days until the seeds grow and have leaves. Planting Process After seeds through the seeding process and grow into paper flower seedlings, you can move them to a larger planting medium.

Preparation Seed Transfer Process

You can use the pot planting medium or directly planted in the garden or yard of the house. At the time of the transfer process you need to do it carefully, not to damage the roots contained in the seeds that can interfere with the growth of flowers.

Paper flower planting medium can be derived from a mixture of soil, fertilizer, compost, and sand with a ratio of 1: 1: 1, or equally.

How To Take Care Bougenville Flowers For Fast to Flowerin
Bougainvillea tree care

There are several situations to watch out for when taking care of this plant. In order to live long-lasting and fast flowering you need to know how to care for the correct paper flowers. Here are some tips on caring for bougenville flowers:

  • After going through the planting process, the next action that needs to be done is the care to support its growth. Just like any other plant, ornamental plants of paper flowers require adequate water intake. Therefore do regular watering every day during the morning and evening. Do not forget to also do fertilizer every 2 weeks, and do not forget to cut the stalk is dead and disturbing.
  • Flowering in bougenville can be stimulated by regulating water delivery. Let the bougenville plant live without water for several days until its leaves begin to fall. Then give excessive amount of water until the soil becomes saturated. The sudden change will produce flower buds in all of its branches.
  • Bougenville requires regular pruning to maintain a beautiful shape. Bougenville can appear in red, pink, orange, white, blue, purple and yellow.
  • Appearance bougenville easy dikreasikan by grafting technique by putting some buds on one parent plant. So that can be found several types of flowers in one plant.
  • Bougenville spines contain a bit of poison. When our body parts scratched by it, it will feel sore around the skin of the wounded for some time but the sense of stiffness will disappear by itself.
With the beauty of the flowers, the Bougenville plant will add to the beauty of your home. Please try how to plant this paper flower in your home. Remember also to take care of the bougenville flower you planted yes.

So little discussion of the How to Plant and Treatment Bougainvillea Flowers hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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