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How to Plant and Care Ornamental Plants Orange Jasmine

Ornamental Plants Orange Jasmine - is one of the many flowers found in the yard of a resident's home. Leaves of orange jasmine flowers like orange leaves.

The beauty of orange jasmine plants is in the flowers and fruit. orange jasmine Flowers smell nice. While the fruit is large and red-red.

The leaves are small in size so it is suitable as an ornamental plant. The seeds of this flowering plant are easy to germinate.

How to Plant Orange Jasmine
Orange jasmine

This plant is very easy in planting and maintenance. This time I will share how to plant a orange jasmine flower and how to take care of it as well.

How to Plant Orange Jasmine in Pot /Polybag

  • Seedling can be done with seeds from fruit that has been dark red, before drying first to dry and stored in plastic or jar to stay awake and dry.
  • Usually a orange jasmine flower is planted in polybags, pots and also in home furnishings, and if you want to plant it must be provided that is a mixture of soil with compost, or manure with a ratio of 1: 1.
  • Stir well and place in planting medium
  • Next put the yellow seeds that had been to the planting medium, and cover with soil and flush if needed or the soil to dry.

How to Plant Orange Jasmine with graft

  • Choose a rod that is about the size of at least one index finger of an adult.
  • Select a trunk or a branch that grows upward.
  • The skin is about 3 cm long.
  • Scratch the wood part until it feels rough. This marks the cambium has been wasted. Leave it for 1-2 days.
  • Prepare plastic sheets and planting media in the form of fine soil or moss.
  • Wrap the stems or branches that have been caught.
  • The boundary of the line must be inside the package.
  • Maintain the moisture of the planting medium by watering it regularly.
The advantages of vegetative propagation is that it does not take long to get the seeds of large orange jasmine plants. As has been known, growing flowers stem takes a very long time to reach the size of the index finger of adults, when multiplied by seed.

Tips and How to Plant Orange Jasmine
Take Care Orange jasmine

This plant does not require too much watering or not dry. if the place is not too dry then it will die, flush when dry planting medium with just enough.

With the provision of manure or compost is enough then the plant will quickly enlarge and flower and bloom quickly, and also certainly grow well, bada give fertilizer in one month so good plant

To obtain seeds in large quantities, propagation by seed is strongly recommended. orange jasmine plants include ornamental plants. He can be formed into bonsai, fence plants or ornamental plants garden fillers.

To be made bonsai, it is advisable to use going from the result of multiplication graft orange jasmine. Technical how to transplant the yellow plants as described earlier.

orange jasmine stems are soft and supple so that bonsai bonsai forming is easy. Stems or branches are not easily broken. The stem is white. But unfortunately the rooting type is not too good.

Very rarely found a good form of roots when the plant is old. Moreover, plants derived from multiplication grafts. The roots are formed in the form of fibers. When the plant comes from seed propagation, there is a chance to get a plant with a good root form.

The cultivation of ornamental plants orange jasmine by grafting plants orange jasmine highly recommended for you who want to reproduce this plant. In addition can get a plant with a size that has been quite large, does not require a long time. However, if you want to multiply large amounts of yellow, multiply by seed the most recommended.

So little discussion of the How to Plant and Care OrnamentalPlants Orange Jasmine hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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