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How to Growing Garlic at Home in Pots or Poly Bags

Garlic - Being one of the herbs that 'almost' there in every dish to make the demand for garlic supply never breaks. Especially the various benefits of garlic are offered is very useful for the health of the body and beneficial to skin beauty.

Cultivation was done in a large scale. For cultivation is very easy and certainly cheap. It only requires land and garlic only.

Garlic not only can be cultivated in a vast land, but can be tried with a medium pot or polybag.
But for beginners who want to try to plant and do not have a large land, try planting using a container such as pot or polybag only.

The quality of garlic that is produced is the same as that planted on large land. How do you try to follow the steps below:

Determine the time of planting
how to grow garlic at home in pots

To plant garlic, it is recommended to do when the sun shines. The meaning should not be planted in the rainy season.

Prepare planting media

Prepare some fresh garlic cloves.

In this stage there are 2 ways that can be selected, that is first by using garlic sprout. In order for garlic sprout, keep the garlic in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 weeks until the sprouts grow. Secondly, garlic without buds. Shelled the outer skin. Peel like when you want to process it into cooking.

Prepare ground to plant garlic.

The soil needed is soil mixed with sand. Do not plant it on clay, because garlic does not like the soft soil. For the best combination, use soil plus sand and also manure.
The soil medium preferred by garlic is mixed with sand.

Prepare a container planting, namely polybag or pot.


  • Put the soil on the polybag
  • Plant garlic as deep as 2 to 3 cm on the ground that is already in the pot or polybag. Make sure that the pointed tip of the onion is facing upward so that it grows upward rather than sideways. (like advertisements, hehehe) Cover it again with soil. In the garlic that shoots have begun to grow, planting the leaves by letting the shoots remain above the soil surface.
  • Do watering just fine. Do not let it dry and do not make the soil muddy.
  • Give fertilizer once a week. And do not forget to give the intake of exposure to enough sunlight.
  • At the age of 2 weeks, usually leaves will appear and begin to rise. Be sure to pay attention and get rid of pests that can damage your garlic plant.
  • Garlic aged 90-100 days has grown and ready to be harvested.

Garlic that grows on pots can be harvested when it is 90-100 days old. So little discussion of the How to Growing Garlic at Home in Pots or Poly Bags hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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