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How to Easily Plant and Take Care Ashoka Flowers

Ashoka Flowers - is an ornamental plant which is quite famous in Indonesia especially among ornamental plant maniacs. So you also need to know how to plant ashoka flowers and how to take care of not to miss.

In our own country known ashoka 2 species, the ashoka tree that grows high without twigs or also called glodokan pole (Polyalthia Longifolia) and ashoka ordinary (Polyalthia sp.) Which has twig and pointed leaf.

Due to the growing knowledge, this type of ashoka hybrid is now emerging by presenting the colors of flowers more diverse.

In general, this plant is used for penghijaun or ornamental plants. Europeans always call this plant Flame of the Wood or fire from the forest because the color of the flowers are bright, quirky, and flashy like a fire.

It is said that Ashoka was first found growing wild in the forest. As a flower, Ashoka is famously used as an ornamental plant. In Indonesia alone, it is easy to find Ashoka thrives in the yard of the population. Easy treatment and beautiful flower display make us fascinated.

The spread of Ashoka plants to all parts of Indonesia is inseparable from the role of the Hindu priest who brought him to Indonesia. The Ashoka Flower Plants themselves are closely linked to Hindu beliefs where this flower is a living symbol of joy, so it is often used as an offering as a sacrifice to the god Vishnu and Shiva.

Characters Flowers Ashoka
How to Easily Plant and Take Care Ashoka Flowers

From the physical appearance, Ashoka's flower has features such as:
  • Trunked straight and tree round wood. The branching system is simpodial and the color is creamy white.
  • Ashoka flowers can be found in various colors including pink, bright red to orange.
  • The leaves of Ashoka leaves tend to be oblong with the tapered base. The leaves are single and the pinnate is pinnate
  • Ashoka flower root is tunggang, brown color.
  • This flower is plural, and the two are harmonized with similar funnel cords. The juice thread is four and the head of the sari is attached to the crown.

How to Plant Ashoka Flowers

In order to get the seeds of soka flower plants can be obtained by vegetative way. You can take part of the ashoka tree trunk that has been aged and then used as plant seeds. Choose overload that has at least 15 cm length.

Then after that plug this rampalan on the seedling medium that is in the climate is not dry and shady. The goal is that the stem used as a fast bit out the roots and grow new shoots. This will make it easier for you to plant this flower.

After the seeds have started to take root, the next step is the planting process. But before planting this plant would need to prepare the planting media first. Planting media can be made from a mixture of soil with organic fertilizer (manure or compost).

Mix the two ingredients above with a ratio of 1: 1. You can use the pot or polybag media, make a hole with a depth of about 5 to 10 cm. Plant the seeds with the condition perpendicular, then cover the hole with the ground. Flatten the ground while pressed a bit so it can hold the plant so as not to tilt. Preferably when the process of planting is done in the afternoon or in the morning when the sun is not too hot.

How to Take Care Ashoka Flowers

  • When watering Ashoka flowers, use clean water that is not contaminated with any chemicals so Ashoka can grow healthy. Watering it is done once a day. You can choose morning or evening.
  • The amount of fertilizer given on ashoka depends. If planted in pots, give more than ashoka planted as a living fence. The comparison is 2: 3
  • As well as ornamental plants with other wooden stems, ashoka also requires pruning on the stems. The proper time to trim the ashoka trunks is when the Ashoka has just been watered and fertilized.
  • Sometimes, ashoka plants also require weeding to remove the weeds that grow on the media planting. Make sure your blossoms are exposed to the morning sun.
So little discussion of the How to Easily Plant and TakeCare Ashoka Flowers hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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