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All About Ornamental Gloriosa Flowers

Ornamental Gloriosa Flowers - The Gloriosa  flower (Gloriosa Superaba) is one of the six species of Gloriosa  flower namely Gloriosa simplex L, Gloriosa carsonii Baker, Gloriosa minor Rendir, Gloriosa virescens Lindl, Gloriosa baudii, Gloriosa plantiiloud in the genus Gloriosa and Colchicaceae. Ornamental plants of flowers Gloriosa is not uncommon because of the popularity of this flower is very high.

This plant is said to be flower Gloriosa because flower jewelry, pistil and stamens, which duck down while the crown flower upwards so that it looks like a Gloriosa  or upside down from the morphology of flowers usually.

In Indonesia, this plant is also known as jonggrang flower, tiger claws (Jakarta), katongkat, mandalika (Bali), Gloriosa  flower (Sunda).

The Gloriosa  flower comes from the tropics of Asia and Africa. The plant is very fond of open places exposed to full sun. Breeding plants grow wild in the bush and teak forests. But sometimes planted also as an ornamental plant that is propagated on the fence.

Structure of Gloriosa
Gloriosa Superaba

Roots of Gloriosa

Flower Gloriosa has a fiber root system (radix aventicia), colored grayish.

Tree Trunk of Gloriosa

The direction grows sunsang climbing (scandens) with the help of the twisted leaves. The shape of the stem is round (teres), flat suture (laevis) stem green color.

Leaf Gloriosa

Leaf Gloriosa superba is an uncomplicated leaf consisting of leaf strands (lamina) and leaf midrib (vagina). Build elongated round leaves (oblongus), the base of the heart-shaped leaf (cordatus), the tip of the tentacle (aristatus), the curved leaf bone (curvinervis), the flat leaf edge (integer), the scattered leaf (folia sparsa). The leaves of the plant is a pointed leaf with the tip of the lanceolate and the base of the leaves hugging the stem with a flat edge. Leaf length reaches 8-25 cm, width about 1-4 cm and the color is green.

Flower of the Gloriose Tree

Flower buds are round, elongated, long-stemmed with pointed ends facing down. If it blooms, the flower will flip upwards. Flower on gloriosa superba from bud until bloom color change is different.
Flower jewelry consists of flower tent (perigonium) that resembles a crown of 6 tepals arranged in two circles.

The genitals are composed of benangsari 6 pieces, non-stick free stem, have a three-pronged braid, the location of the inferum ovary, have carpellum 3, loculus 3, the location of the ovulum axilaris. Crown of flowers amounted to six curly shapes.

The top of the crown of the flower is red while the yellow color is green. The overall color of the flowers over time will be red and not quickly wither. The fruits of the plant are about 4-5 cm long, seeds are many and the color is red orange.

Cultivation of Glorisa Flowers

Plant propagation can be done by seed or rhizome or Kembang Gloriosa  can also be bred with tubers. Seeking seeds of this plant is much more difficult than taking care of it.
Because once we manage to get and breed the seeds in our yard, in fact this plant is not too fussy. The important thing is enough sunshine and rainfall.

Even in the wild without any special maintenance and fertilization he grows well. We must be rather careful in handling this plant, because the tubers and fruit are poisonous.

Price of Gloriosa Flowers

The price of his own Gloriosa  interest in the banderol ranging from $6 – $10 per stem. If you want to do business flowers, maybe this Gloriosa  interest could be an option other than the business of roses.
The price is expensive because the flowers are beautiful and unique.

Truly without this plant it looks beautiful. Because the leaves itself has been beautiful like a painting. Heart-shaped green with curled and curled edges.

So little discussion of the All About Ornamental GloriosaFlowers hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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