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7 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Benefits of Indoor Plants - Many people who do not plant ornamental plants on the grounds of troublesome, but if they know the benefits of ornamental plants in the room, sure and believe many who will plant it with pleasure.

Ornamental plants are considered to have the value of art and pride in it either from leaves, flowers, stems to the roots. The benefits of indoor ornamental plants actually not been widely known by people because people usually realize that ornamental plants just function to add value to the beauty of a home or room.


Ornamental plants actually have many benefits for human life. Ornamental plants can be beneficial to the environment, health to beauty. Placing indoor plants alone will make a difference than there are no ornamental plants.

The existing room of air ornamental plants will be different from the room that no hiasnya plants. Well therefore on this occasion I will give a review about the Benefits of Ornamental Plants in a room that is not known by many people.


Ornamental plants are also the same as other plants, which is doing photosynthesis to produce food. At the time of the process of photosynthesis of ornamental plants require carbon dioxide to produce oxygen.

Well this process that gives freshness in the room there are ornamental plants. Therefore, the more plants in the room, the more fresh and clean your room.


The benefits of the next ornamental planting is to reduce the dust in the room. Ornamental plants are essentially ordinary plants. Of course, the function of making humidity around the area can also be done.

Humidity given ornamental plants that are in the room will make the dust that is in the room will decrease because humidity can reduce impurities and reduce dust in the air.


Stress is one disease caused by saturation that has very high levels. Ornamental plants are plants that have good art value of the model, shape, color or pattern.

In addition, ornamental plants also produce the necessary oxygen to the body so that metabolism runs smoothly. Therefore, by looking at the plants in your room, the brain will become more relaxed and inhaled oxygen can also refresh the body.


Eyes are one important part of our body because with healthy eyes we will look more fresh and certainly beautiful. Eye disease caused by fatigue one of them is the eyes of the panda.

But do you know the benefits of ornamental plants that can treat panda eyes. Way by using water immersion of roses as much as 2 - 3 drops and close your eyes for 2 minutes.


Unconsciously we inhale a lot of bacteria every day from the occupied room. There are several types of ornamental plants that have the nature of killing bacteria in the air. One of the ornamental plants that can kill bacteria is the type of Eucalyptus.

This type of ornamental plant can kill bacteria contained in the air, therefore it is not surprising flu and cough diseases can be relieved just by inhaling the smell of this plant.


Drowsiness is a sign of experiencing tiredness and a natural thing experienced by everyone. But if you are sleepy at any time it is certainly not natural.

Drowsiness can be caused by a sense of laziness that plagues the body and mind. Also drowsiness caused due to high levels of CO2 inhaled.

Therefore with the ornamental plants in your room it will make the body more spirit and not easy to sleep.


Anyone would want a fragrant room, but most people get a fragrance through chemicals, not natural fragrance. Of course this is very dangerous. If you want a natural fragrance, this can be realized by using ornamental plants.

Some types of ornamental plants have the benefit of an aroma therapy that can make a fragrance in your room. This way you do not have to bother to buy air freshener right ?.

So little discussion of the 7 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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