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3 Ways to Plant and Take Care Dahlia Flowers and Benefits

Dahlia Flowers - Is a bulbous shrub that is annual, flowering in summer until autumn. Dahlia flowers also become the national flower of the Mexican country which is also the country of origin of this flower.

Dahlia is an ornamental flower plant in the form of an upright annual plant. This plant comes from the mountains of Mexico. Dahlia flowers include cultivated ornamental plants.

In Europe cultivation began in 1789, from the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid, Spain and spread to all Western Europe.

Although the development was very slow, in 1841 there were 1,200 varieties. Dahlia flowers imported to West Java from the Netherlands during the colonial period in the 19th century. Now This plant is an important commodity flower / pot flower in some parts of the world.

This plant includes flowers that are late to breed. In 1872, the Netherlands received a box of Dahlia bulbs sent from Mexico. From a box of Dahlia flower bulbs it turns out just one bulb that managed to bloom but produces a beautiful flower red color with a pointed leaf.

Plant experts managed to breed Dahlia flowers later called Dahlia juarezii. Dahlia juarezii is the ancestor of all the hybrid Dahlia flowers (crosses) contained today.

Benefits of Dahlias Flowers
Benefits of Dahlias Flowers

Cactus dahlia flowers are white color is always soldbelikan because it is a type of flower that is widely used to arrange the flowers of grief. Another color rich Dahlia is sold inside polybags for use as an outdoor plant.

Dahlia is a plant berubi. Sweet potato contains almost 70 per cent starch proportions in inulin form. Pure inulin extraction from sweet potato dahlia used in the field of medicine.

When inulin is fermented by a particular enzyme or by a soil fungus, inulin will turn into fructose, a sugar widely used in food preservation or syrup production. Therefore, the utilization of inulin from dahlia flowers through bioconversion into fructose sugar.

3 How to Plant Dahlias Flowers

How to Plant Dahlias Flowers With Seeds
How to Plant Dahlias Flowers With Seeds

This method is done on mini dahlia to get new and more varied flower color. Seed comes from a healthy 5-month-old dahlia plant. Seeds are sown directly on prepared nurseries.
Nursery media is made on the ground with width of 1 m and long depending on the land with the North-South direction. The media is made from a mixture of humus, cow manure and fertile soil with a ratio of 1: 1: 1.

Media Height 5 cm. Seedlings spread evenly over the medium and covered with a thin layer of soil. In the dry season Media is covered with banana leaves that have been washed or sack of clean jute so that moisture Media awake.

The media needs to be given shade if the seedbed is done in the rainy season. The shade is a transparent plastic as high as 80 cm in the east and 60 cm on the west side. After the seeds germinated and leafed two strands, the cover (banana leaves / burlap sacks) was opened.

Seedlings are kept in a nursery to a perfect leaf of 2 pieces, in this stadium the roots of the plant have not touched the base of the Media and transferred to transparent polybag 18 × 15 cm containing mixture of husk and cow manure (6: 1).

After the 6-leafed plant, the second plant is moved into transparent polybag 30 × 20 cm containing the same media. Inside this polybag the plants are kept until flowering for 1.5-2 months and ready for sale.

How to Plant Dahlias Flowers With Steak
How to Plant Dahlias Flowers With Steak

This method is done on mini dahlia to get flowers with the same color and shape and for large seeds that can not be seed. Cut material taken from axillary buds of 7-10 cm in size. To avoid disease, use a clean cutting knife / knife to cut the buds. The nursery is carried out in a transparent 30 × 20 cm polybag containing mixture of rice husk and manure (6: 1 comparison) and kept until ready to sell without being transferred for 3 days.

How to Plant Dahlias Flowers From Tubers
How to Plant Dahlias Flowers From Tubers

This method is done on cactus and semi cactus dahlia. Sweet potatoes are taken from a 7 month old plant. To get the tubers, stems of plants that have expired the first flowering period cut to 10 cm from the surface of the soil. The soil is excavated and sweet potato is lifted along with the main stem.

How to Take Care Dahlis Flower

  • Plants in the nursery: As long as the seedbed nursery once a day and not given the fertilizer because the food has been quite a lot obtained from the media. Weed weeding should be done very carefully so as not to damage the seeds that are still easily damaged.
  • Plants in the polybag: Plants watered 1-2 days (morning-afternoon) except when it rains. Weeds rarely grow, if there are weeding removed or taken with a small hoe To prevent pests / diseases, plants sprayed with antracol pesticides / Basudin 2 weeks at the turn of the dry season and rainy season. Gandasil leaf fertilizer and 1 gram of NPK are given once a week.
  • Thinning and Replanting is done to get a uniform growth can be done until the plants are 3 weeks old. In general, the seeds do not grow perfectly when watering late done especially if the hot air. Flower thinning needs to be done especially if the number of flowers in one stalk is too much for the diameter of the flowers to reach the maximum. In cactus dahlia (white) only one flower left to live on one stalk, while in semi-cactus dahlias can be 5-6 flowers.
  • Weeding is done in accordance with the growth of weeds and at the time of fertilization and pembumbunan. Prevention of weed growth can be done by spreading organic mulch among the plants. When the plant reaches 1 m, plants are grown and supported with 2 bamboo sticks so as not to fall down.
  • Fertilization is done every 10 days with urea, SP-36 and KCl each 2 gram or NPK as much as 5 gram. Giving first 10 days after planting move. Fertilizer is given in the strip as far as 15 cm from the base of the stem. Cover fertilizer with soil.
  • Watering and watering: Performed according to plant growth. At the beginning of its growth, the soil around the base of the stem to the point of the outer canopy should not dry out. At that time, if necessary the plant watered 2-3 times a day depending on weather conditions. After that watering can be done every 5 days. Watering also needs to be done after fertilizer application.

So little discussion of the 3 Ways to Plant and Take Care Dahlia Flowers and Benefits hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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