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How to Rose Flowers Tree Care for Fast Flowering

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How to care for Rose Flower for fast flowering - If you read this article, of course you are familiar with the Queen of Flower aka roses are beautiful and this prickly.

In Indonesia alone roses quite thriving in some places. Loh how come? how easy is this flower so easy? Let not confused we just review just about how to care for roses to quickly flowering.

The rose became the top ranking in the list of most popular flowers favored by many women. In the last decade the rose has become a symbol of love and affection. The reason I myself do not know.

The beautiful shape and color is very interesting and diverse that became the main attraction to make us fall in love with this one flower.

Even some literature calls this rose as the queen of the flowers or "Queen of Flower" because the shape is so elegant, charming and beautiful to the eye. If you have roses as ornamental plants in your yard, there are several ways that must be considered so that the roses can continue to bloom.

How to Roses Tree Care for to Quickly Flower.

Basically there are two ways to plant roses. The first way is to plant the seeds of roses that have been leafed.

And the second way is to plant by using the cuttings technique. Of course each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How to Roses Tree Care for: The Proper Storage Location of Roses
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The good roses that you have planted should not be placed in places exposed to direct sunlight continuously.

Look for locations exposed to sunlight on the day pies until 10 or 11 noon. Also put roses in a place that is moist and not dry.

How to Roses Tree Care for: Watering Roses

Flush your rose plants two days one time, morning and evening. Do it regularly in the first month. Do not flush roses until the leaves, flush the bottom to the roots only.

Next, the rose plant also requires pruning the stems that have withered and dried up. So that new stems can quickly grow well.

How to Roses Tree Care for: The Fertilization of Roses
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In addition to choosing the right location and watering, you also need to do fertilization on this rose plant. Once a month for fertilization is more than for this ornamental plant.

Fertilizer used can be compost or manure. You can also use liquid fertilizer if you want more practical. This ornamental plant is not fussy in the selection of fertilizer

How to care for roses: prevention and control of pests

When your rose plant is exposed to a pest that gives rise to black spots on its leaves, you can simply trim the affected part so it does not spread to the other. To prevent pests, you can use insecticides and pesticides.

In addition to the use of pesticides, you can also use a liquid made of 3 tablespoons baking soda solution with water segalon.

The thing to consider in the first spraying is, use on a smaller scale first, the longer the dose can be raised.

This prevents the roses from being "shocked" by the chemical substance. Wear gloves when spraying and avoid spraying when the wind is blowing.

If some things are done regularly and correctly, then your rose will flower quickly and the tree is still healthy and far from plant pests.

If you already know how to care for roses to quickly flowering, of course you no longer need to hesitate to plant this beautiful flower at home.

So little discussion of the How to Rose Flowers Tree Care of for Fast Flowering hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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