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9 Tips How to Orchids Care of Fast Flowering for Beginners

orchid care for beginners

How to care for orchids to quickly flower - Confused with orchids that never appear? Want to know how to care for orchids to quickly flower? Many orchid growers complain about it, and not just you. In order not to be confused how to care for orchids for quick flowering refer to the following article.

Orchid (Latin: Orchidaceae) is included in the family of ornamental plants of flowers. Orchids can be found in dark woods, on steep rocks, on open slopes, on rocks in coastal areas with high tidal lines.

Even on the edge of the desert the orchid can be found. It grows from the north pole to the equator and south on all continents except Antarctica. The much-loved orchid is the epiphytic orchid from the tropics.

Types of orchids

Orchid has more species (species) than the family of other flower plants. Plant researchers believe orchids have more than 25,000 species spread across the world. But because of forest destruction we lose unknown species and do not know exactly how many.

Indonesia is famous for its orchid property which has more than 4000 species of orchid spread in almost all island. Kalimantan, Papua, Sumatra, Java including the world's famous islands for its orchid properties. The growing species include: Vanda, Phalaenopsis, Coelogyne, Cymbidium, Paphiopedilum, Dendrobium, Bulbophyllum, etc.

The most famous orchid from Indonesia is the "orchid moon" (Latin: Phalaenopsis amabilis) used as the "National Flower" and earned the nickname as "puspa pesona", and "orchid pouch" (Latin: Paphiopedilum javanicum).

The richness and diversity of orchid species is the export potential for Indonesia. In fact, certain species such as Dendrobium type, in Indonesia there are half of the 1,800 species. Approximately 90 percent of Dendrobium parent breed by orchid growers come from Indonesia.

Tips and how to care for orchids for quick flowering

In essence there are some optimal circumstances that result in orchids can grow well. This is what should be optimized so that the orchid diligent flowering. The situation is related to sunlight, temperature, wind, and water.

Tips on caring for orchids to quickly flower


The first tip how to care for orchids to quickly flowering is the sun. Sunlight is very important for the growth of orchids. Sunlight is a useful energy source in photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis alone will produce energy that is useful for all orchid life, whether to grow or form leaves, flowers, and seeds.

In addition, sunlight also functions in forming or repairing damaged plant parts and storing food reserves. The amount and intensity of sunlight required by orchid plants vary, depending on the type of orchid.

Elevation of the place

The second tip how to care for orchids to quickly flowering is the height of the place. Most orchids grow well in the tropics. However, the height of the growing place, orchids are divided into 3 groups, namely:
  • Orchids that grow well in the highlands with an altitude of 1.001 m asl (from sea level) with temperatures during the day 18-21 ° C and at night 13-18 ° C. The best cultivated orchids in the highlands are Cymbidium, Miltonia, and Paphiopedilum.
  • Orchids that grow well in the medium plains with a height of 501-1000 m above sea level with daytime temperatures of 29-32 ° C and during the day 19-21 ° C. Examples of orchids that grow well in this medium plains are Dendrobium, Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, and Onchidium.
  • Orchid that grows well in lowland with altitude up to 500 m asl with temperature at day day 34-38 ° C. this type of orchid is Arachnis, Renanthera, and Vanda.

Air Circulation

The third tip how to care for orchids to quickly flowering is the air circulation needs to be considered. Orchids require good air circulation. The good air for orchid growth is the constant gentle air or the mild breeze.

This continuous circulation or air flow works for air exchange at the surface of the leaves and roots. Air circulation is too tight can cause dehydration because water on the surface of the leaves and roots easily carried away by air blowing. Conversely, when the air does not blow, the process of respiration and photosynthesis does not work optimally.

Humidity Air

The fourth tip how to care for orchids to flower quickly is to note the humidity of the air. The best moisture for orchid growth is not less than 70%. At an air humidity level of about 50%, orchids can grow quite well, but not as good as in moisture 70%.

High humidity does not mean the orchids will be easily affected by the disease, such as leaf rot and rotting shoots. In nature, when it rains, ornamental plants will be wet, but 2 hours later dry again. This indicates that ornamental ornamental plants do not like muddy conditions and a lot of water.

The fifth tip how to care for orchids for flowering fast is fotoperioditas. Fotoperioditas is the time of sunlight on ornamental orchid plants. The emergence of orchids one of which is influenced by this fotoperioditas.

Long or fast lighting of ornamental plants will affect the synthesis of the hormone florigen (a growth hormone that triggers the formation of flowers). When dark periods are longer than light, more fluorine hormone synthesis and orchid plants will grow faster.

Genetic Factors

The sixth tips how to care for orchids for quick flowering is to choose orchids with good genetics. The growth of orchids is also highly determined by genetic factors. Genetic factors are factors that are inherited by the orchid to her child. This genetic factor that differentiates between types of orchids.

There are orchids that are diligent flowering, lazy flowering, large flowering, or small flowering, grow tall, short, leafy, and there is also a little leaf. The genetic factors of ornamental orchid plants can be improved by means of cross-breeding.

How to care for orchids to quickly flower
care of orchid plant indoors

The most important and most interesting part of orchids is the flowers, but unfortunately we always see orchids lazy to flower. Is there something wrong?

How to care for orchids to be diligent flowering can be said easy or difficult difficult, depending on experience and discipline. To make orchids are diligent flowering is also required elements of love from the maintainers.

One of the most important factors for flowering orchids is the selection of orchid seeds. Some of the superior properties of orchids are many flowering orchids, large flowering, brightly colored flowers and long lasting flowers.

Some factors that must be known on how to care for orchids to be diligent flowering is:

Suitable shelter house

Orchid should be placed in a house with 50% to 70% intensity, then the roof of the protected house
should be given paranet.

Preparation of orchids

In order to orchid diligent flowering should also be considered the preparation of plants, should the arrangement of orchid shelves placed flat with a height of 1 m and do not put tiered because it will interfere with air circulation.

Humidity of air

In order to diligent orchid flowering required moisture between 60-80%. In order for moisture to stay awake under the shelves can be contrived pond or made mist in the house protected by sprinkle

Growing media

Planting media that fit to make orchids diligent flowering arranged 2 parts. 1/3 of the bottom is filled with pieces of brick and 2/3 of the remaining pake ferns.

Construction of pots

Pots are also very influential in ornamental orchid plants to be diligent flowering. The most ideal pots used are pots made of clay and many holes.

Diligent attention

In order to orchid diligent flowering is very important to note the water content of the media. When hot weather is required watering 2 times and when the rainy weather does not have to do watering. What is important to note is the water content of the media. The perfect watering time is 07-09 am and 03-05 pm.


so that the orchid diligent flowering is by giving fertilizer with high nutrient content of P. Fertilization can be given by spraying / watering can also use slow release fertilizer sprinkled on orchid planting medium.

Giving ZPT or Hormone.

To make flowering orchids sometimes sometimes required ZPT or hormone. Which can be used to stimulate the flowering of orchids is also Can be used coconut water with a concentration of 15% (150 ml coconut water made 1 liter spray solution)

Control of pests and diseases.

Pest and disease control is one way to care for orchids to be diligent flowering. Orchid also tends to escape from pests and diseases. Daily observation is the best way to prevent pest attacks and orchid diseases.

To make orchids diligently flowering ornamental plants orchids should be cleaned of dirt, weeds and decaying leaves. use of insecticides when attacked by pests, fungicides when attacked by fungi and bactericidal when attacked by bacteria.

That was how to care for orchids to be diligent flowering. Please practice. Hopefully the above article can slightly increase the knowledge of orchid lovers.

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