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7 Tips How to Growing Sunflower Fast Flowering for Beginners

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How to Plant a Sunflower - You surely already know with sunflower right? Flowers are always moving in the direction of the sun.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it is called the sunflower. It is said that the flower named helianthus scientific has many myths.

Sunflower is considered a sign of longevity, and is also believed to symbolize some traits such as wisdom, strength, and sincerity.

In addition, according to sunflower research turned out to have many benefits for the health of the body.

Like treating urinary tract infections, inflammation of the respiratory tract or bronchitis, leucorrhoea or leucorrhoea, hypertension, reducing the pain of headache, dizziness, whooping cough or pertussis, toothache, rheumatic or arthritis and also used to facilitate pregnant women in childbirth.

How? Still not interested in planting sunflower? following reviews on how to plant sunflower.

How to plant sunflower easily.

Sunflower is strong and easy to grow. Sunflower has the size of the petals are quite large for an ornamental plant.

Sunflowers can grow anywhere in the height of 0.5-4.5 meters depending on the variety, and the grain can even be harvested and consumed as a delicious snack.

Follow the instructions below to find out how to plant sunflowers properly.

1. Preparing the Sunflower Seed

First of all you have to do seed selection. For you to know that sunflower has many varieties. In Wikipedia itself mentioned there are 70 varieties.

Choose the type of sunflower that matches your garden needs. Although most types of sunflowers grow up to several meters, there are several types of sunflowers are small and the height below 1 meter. Some famous types of sunflowers are:

  • Mammoth: His name is like an ancient animal. Named mammoth because the size of the flower is very large. Commonly called giant sunflower. The average flower diameter is 30cm. Less suitable for a narrow garden.
  • Fiesta Del Sol: medium size with an average height of 1 meter. The flowers are pretty orange or sometimes red.
  • Autumn Beauty: The flowers are also quite large, growing up to 15 cm in diameter. The flowers are orange reddish, red, or sometimes brown. The trunk can grow up to 2 meters.
  • Bigsmile: including the dwarf sunflower. Stem height only 30-40 cm only. Your land is narrow? Plant this one!
  • Sunbeam: The stem height is moderate, only 1.5 meters. With an average diameter of 10cm.
  • Teddy Bear: The type of sunflower is quite small. Stem height only reaches 1 meter. fit if you have a narrow field.
  • And some other types like Early Russian, Pacino Gold, Velvet Queen, Red Sun, Music Box, Giant Sungold, Moonwalker, Chocolate Sunflower, Valentine, Margarita Azul, Ring of Fire Sunflowers, Taiyo, Indian Blanket, Earth Walker, Cherry Rose

Everything is equally sunflower. But the results obtained differ depending on each climate and your land.

So when you want to plant a flowering sunflower then choose the right seed, not to choose wrong. Sunflowers also have various color variants (red, blue, pink, white, etc.). So choose what you expect.

2. Prepare the Open Land
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Planting sunflowers should be open. choose a field exposed to full direct sunlight. Sunflowers thrive in warm to warm climates (that's why people named it "sunflower").

Climate with hot and long summers is perfect for growing sunflowers .. But actually sunflowers can live anywhere from the texture of fertile soil and routinely receive water sprinkling.

3. Choose a protected area from the wind.

Where possible, place in a place protected from the wind altogether. For example along the fence, next to the house, or behind a row of strong trees.

4. Note the pH and soil absorption rate.

Check the soil pH you prepare. Sunflowers are more suitable on slightly acidic soils to slightly alkaline with a pH between 6.0 and 7.5.

But sunflower is relatively elastic and can grow in most soil types. Make sure your land also absorbs water well. Although the sunflower is very elastic, one thing that can damage it is the flooded soil.

5. Plant sunflowers on good soil

If you are planting sunflower on open land, it is better to use seed planting method by using a maximum of 1, 5 cm (1 cm only) recommended hole medium with a good humus soil, which was previously wet in water.

6. Note Distance Planting

The ideal distance to plant sunflowers is 45cm. You have to pay attention to this, because if the distance is too close will affect the process of growing sunflower. But if it is too far, then you have done waste of land.

In each hole you can enter 2 sunflower seeds. Do not forget to routinely do watering. About 14 days later you can see the progress of the seed you planted.

7. Provide Fertilizer and Flush Regularly
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When you finish planting, do not forget to cultivate the sunflower you plant to grow and avoid a variety of pests.

When 3 months old then the sunflower buds have begun to appear. You can cut the flower buds that are considered less good in its growth.

Next you just need to wait to enjoy the blooming sunflower that you have planted. Please try it. If the sunflower grows sumbur then your home page will look more cheerful.

So little discussion of the 7 Tips How to Growing Sunflower Fast Flowering for Beginners hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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