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6 Types Orchid Flowers of the Most Beautiful and Famous - Orchid Flower is one of the ornamental plants that have the most verietas. New in Indonesia alone there are about 5000 species of orchids.

Orchid plants can indeed thrive in Indonesia because it is an area with a tropical climate that is a natural habitat.

Of course from the growing number of orchids there is the most beautiful and famous orchids

most orchid plants grow as epiphytic plants.

Orchid is an ornamental plant of flowers that have a different beauty with other types of ornamental plants. so be it alone orchid lovers spread across all parts of the world.

The Most Beautiful and Famous Orchid Types

Orchid plants have several species that have a high level of popularity in Indonesia. The orchid seeds are also now widely sold by plant shops in several places. So it makes it easier for lovers of ornamental plants to buy and maintain.

But before you buy either orchid flowers orchids that have flowered or our orchid seeds have recommendations of orchid species that should be purchased for its beauty and exotic. Some of the most beautiful and famous orchids are:

Orchids Cattleya

The Cattleya Orchid is one of the epiphytic live Orchids. The orchid was named Cattleya by John Lindley in 1824 after Sir William Cattley successfully cultivated the Cattleya Labiata specimen.

This beautiful orchid type is also called Queen of Orchid (Queen of Orchid). Not all Orchid cattleya have good flowering ability. There is a nice flowering cattleya orchid, a little one.

Orchid kattleya including orchid groups that grow the ends of the trunk limited or trunked simpodial. When it has reached its maximum growth size, this orchid will then form a clump of buds.

Orchid Vanda

Of the many orchids that exist, in my opinion orchid vanda is the most beautiful orchid species and has a very high attraction because the beauty of flowers that have a beautiful color.

The beauty of orchid vanda has been recognized by lovers of ornamental plants both in Indonesia and abroad.

From 40 species of orchid vanda spread in Asia and Australia, 20 species of orchids vanda are in Indonesia.

What a gift God gave to the land of Indonesia. In Indonesia the native habitat of orchid vanda is spread from Sumatra island, Java, until Papua.

Orchids Dendrobium

The first beautiful orchid type is the dendrobium orchid. This orchid is one of the many cultivated in Indonesia.

Although dendrobium orchids have beautiful flowers with variations and have a variety of color gradients, it turns out dendrobium orchid has a fairly friendly price compared to the orchid of the moon and other species.

This type of plant is spread in all tropical forest in Indonesia. Nowadays dendrobium orchids are multiplied by cross breeding to get better varieties and of course higher selling prices.

Orchid Oncidium

Oncidium orchid is one of the species of orchid originating from the American mainland and can grow in tropical and subtropical climate.

Orchid oncidium consists of about 330 species of orchids scattered from the territory of Northern Mexico, Caribbean islands, South Florida to South America. This genus was first described by Olof Swartz.

Orchid Oncidium also earned the nickname Dancing Lady because the lips (labellum) bloom like a dancing girl's clothes.

Oncidium orchids usually grow in dry areas. the need for orchid light oncidium is quite varied. Typically, orchids oncidium hold more light that is about 20% -60% light.

Orchid of Moon (Orchid Phalaenopsis)

Orchid moon is the most beautiful orchid species and is also popular in Indonesia because of its elegance.
Orchid months include orchid plants are often flowering. This orchid is also very resistant to various environmental conditions.

But if you want the moon orchid plants have beautiful flowers, it takes careful treatment. Moon orchids are already in production in large numbers in the world, one of them in Taiwan.

The orchid plant in Taiwan is propagated through meryclone technique so that it has superior quality. Next month orchid produced in Taiwan is exported to many countries around the world one of course to Indonesia.

Orchid Tiger / Orchid Sugar Cane (Grammatophyllum scriptum)

The next most beautiful orchid species is the Tiger Orchid. Tiger Orchid is a name given by Indonesians only.

Maybe it's because the color is yellow striped so this is called Tiger Orchid. Tiger orchids have flowers that are yellow and brown as additional motifs.

This one orchid has a pretty good survival just like the orchid of the moon. Tiger orchids are generally grown with pots hanging in the yard or on the walls of the house.

In Indonesia itself there are many species of oncidium orchids such as Oncidium Wild Cat 'Rainbow, Oncidium bobcat, Oncidium Sharry Baby, Oncidium Wild Cat, Oncidium Green Valley, Oncidium Golde Shower, Oncidium White Fiary, Oncidium Little Chery, Oncidium Jiuh Bao Gold, Oncidium Hawaian Sunset, Oncidium Milinium Gold, Oncidium Monarch, and many others.

So little discussion of the 6 Types Orchid Flowers of the Most Beautiful and Famous hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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