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5 Types of Ornamental Cactus Plants Most Beautiful - Cactus plants are plants that have thorns on the trunk and unique fruit. Cactus itself is usually used as an ornamental plant cactus or industrial raw materials.

The first time Cactus was found in the Americas. Most cactus varieties also come from America.

Cactus name itself is taken from the Greek word "Kaktoc" or cacti which means wild spiny plants. Cactus has native habitat in the desert.

Cactus is a succulent plant that can hold water in its trunk for survival. Cactus is usually also used by industi as raw material of beauty and health product.

Ornamental Cactus Plant

Currently cactus has been widely used as a plant ornamental plants. Some varieties of cactus are known to have unique stems and flowers. Cactus flowers themselves have a variety of colors, depending on the variety.

The popularity of ornamental cactus plants in Indonesia has been. But its popularity is increasing the last 5 years.

It is proven now more and more sellers and cultivators of this ornamental cactus plant. Some of the most beautiful cactus plant species include:

Cactus Ferocactus
Cactus Ferocactus

This type of decorative cactus plants have different characteristics than other decorative cactus. the shape of this cactus can reach 50 cm with a sharp thorn and solid covering it.

If other types of cactus wear flowers as their appeal, in contrast to the ferocactus cactus that uses such sharp spines as its appeal.

Ferocactus has a sharp thorn and a pink color. The shape of this cactus rod is curvy. In order for this cactus to reach the maximum size of cactus effort is always given extra care in order to have a perfect shape.

Cactus Echinofossulocactus
Cactus Echinofossulocactus

Cactus whose name is very difficult to mention. This type of cactus has a dark green stem with sharp spines that surround it. Growth of this cactus is very slow almost similar to the type of cactus astrophytum.

Growth of this cactus is slow but after the age of 2.5-3 years this cactus has been able to bloom. Cactus flower of this type has a beauty with yellow and white. Quite equivalent to waiting time flowering right?.

Cactus Ariocarpus
Cactus Ariocarpus

The first ornamental cactus plant is the ariocarpus type cactus. This type of cactus is one of the most unique species among other cactus. The ariocarp cactus has a leaf shape that forms a prism, the leaves have their own shape.

The shape of ariocarpus leaves are tapered, curved and dull. This type of cactus has beautiful leaves with various colors.

Flowers ariocarpus has a variety of colors such as white, red, purple, pink and yellow. Another uniqueness of ariocarpus is that it has no thorns on the trunk.

Cactus Golden Barrel
Cactus Golden Barrel

The next ornamental cactus plant is Golden Barrel. The golden barrel cactus has a large barrel-like shape in its home country of America. In Mexico and texas this type of cactus can have a very large form.

Although this type of cactus in its home country can achieve a form that is very different from that in Indonesia, the golden barrel cactus shape just can match the big foot ball. However, this type of cactus has fantastic fans and is willing to buy this cactus at a high price.

Cactus Astrophytum
Cactus Astrophytum

This type of decorative cactus plants have a stem shaped like star fruit or star. For Astrophytum cactus type itself is predicted there are 100 species in the world.

This decorative cactus is a flowering cactus type. Astrophytum flower is also very beautiful there are red, pink, yellow and so on.

In the cultivation of ornamental cactus plants Astrophytum does have a deficiency one of the shortcomings is the growth of a very slow stems.

So if you are interested to treat this type of cactus at home, try to buy that has a diameter of 5 cm place on a high temperature. For optimal growth do not place this type of cactus under direct sunlight.

So little discussion of the 5 Types of Ornamental Cactus Plants Most Beautiful hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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