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How to Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes

How to Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes – Tomatoes is a common plant once found in Indonesia. For sauce lovers must be familiar with this one plant.

For planting tomatoes themselves are not difficult. What more with today's modern planting method is by way of hydroponics. How do hidropinik grow tomatoes at home. Listen is discussed below.

Materials and tools should be Prepared

Early preparation needs to be done to grow hydroponic tomatoes is to prepare the materials and tools required. The materials and the tool itself consists of:

  • Seeds of tomatoes or tomato seeds
  • Hydroponic planting medium cocopeat
  • Grow small containers (used plastic beverage bottles)
  • Container grown (PVC Pipe PVC used or new)
  • Foam (Useful to hold the plant in order to remain on the container)
  • Sterofoam which has been hollowed
  • Nutrient solution

Steps How to Grow Hydroponic Tomatoes

After preparing the necessary materials, selnjutnya step is to follow how to plant it properly. Here's a step-by-step:

  • Do Seeding Tomatoes

The first step is initiated by means of wetting cocopeat as a planting medium. Actually, this hydroponic growing media varied. But in the discussion this time planting medium used is cocopeat or coconut coir dust.

The next place the tomato seed or seed the tomatoes on top of the cocopeat already moist. Put cocopeat along these tomato seeds in damp or exposed to the sun in order to grow well. For the growth process typically takes approximately four weeks.

  • Moving Containers Small Grows

After the roots of tomato plants grow quite large, move the tomato plants in containers is growing smaller.

The container is actually free depending on availability, but this time the containers used are plastic bottles of drinks.

How moving it is slowly pull the tomato plants and clean up of remnants of cocopeat. Resistant plants in plastic bottles using foam. Sirami with the nutrient solution.

  • Moves At Large Containers and Caring

Once the tomato plants grow well and begin to grow, move on a large growing container that is a new or used PVC paralon pipe.

The steps of removal are similar to the previous way is to hold the plants using sterofoam that has been perforated.

The contents of the container grow with the nutrient solution. Spacing while filling for roots to breathe. The last step to do maintenance with member of nutrition solution.
That is how to grow hydroponic tomatoes. Hopefully in practice successfully yes.

So little discussion of the How to Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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