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How To Growing Hydroponic Chili Pepper

Growing Hydroponic Chili Pepper - Chilli plants are plants that are widely grown in our country. Its use in various regions is always needed.

In the kitchen if there is no chilli then it feels incomplete is not. Akhi-recently, the price of chili often experienced a sharp price increase although not infrequently also experienced a decline in prices.

Well to get around when there is an increase in price of chili, yuk plant chili at home with hydroponics system. Check out the steps below.

Preparation For Planting

All activities must start with their preparations. Preparations for growing hydroponic chili is as follows:

Preparing Chili Seeds

Chilli seedlings are easy to obtain. Take just one chili in the kitchen either cayenne or chilli curls as desired. Kerimgkan with dried chilli. Once dried chili, take the seeds just to be used as seed.

Choose a Good Seed

To select whether the chili seeds that will be used to plant it was good or not is easy. How soak beans in chili earlier into a container filled with water. Wait for a few minutes.

There will be seeds that sink and float. Well a nice chilli seeds derived from chili seeds were submerged.

If you do not want the hassle of a rare-steps the above, buy chilli seeds in the farm shop nearby.

Preparing Tools Needed

Once the seedlings are ready for planting chillies next is preparing tools for hydroponic planting chillies. Beriku are the tools needed:

  •     Hydroponic planting medium

The planting medium assortment, which consists of roasted husks, coconut fiber, gravel and broken tile. Choose as you wish.

  •     Small planting container

Usually these containers be provided, along with the purchase of planting medium or small plastic pots can use old plastic bottles of drinks.

  •     Large planting container

These containers such as pots or polybags. The amount depends pertmbuhan cabenya plant later.
  •     Water
  •     Pupuk NPK
  •     fertilizer fruit
  •     Spray

Plant it measures

After completing the necessary preparations, the following are the steps to plant:
  • Soak the seeds of chillies has been through the selection process. After soaking packs use a damp cloth in order to accelerate the growth of chili plant sprouts.
  • Do seeding by sprinkling chilli seeds on top of the planting medium is located in a small planting container (plastic pots or plastic bottles). Note that the seed must be sunk and covered with planting medium.
  • Water the morning and afternoon on a regular basis to grow chilli plants.
  • When the chili plants growing and start to issue the true leaves, move on a larger planting containers (pots or polybags).
  • Add pepper to be transferred into pots or polybags containing growth media.
  • Give the chilli crop nutrients for the care you use NPK fertilizer. Follow the rules of appropriate fertilizer label on the packaging. When the chili plants begin to bear fruit, the fruit spray using a spray containing fruit fertilizer. The goal is to obtain the results of a healthy and good chili.

How easy is it not to plant hydroponic chili. Good Luck 😊

So little discussion of the How To Growing Hydroponic ChiliPepper hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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