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15 Ornamental Hanging Plants Indoor and Outdoors - Many homes with ornamental plants can provide its own comfort. Surely everyone wants to have a house that is pleasing to anyone.

Therefore the necessity of the plant as an ornamental, whether it be flowers, leaves, fruit, or hanging decorative plants.

Hanging Ornamental Plant

Hanging ornamental plants are actually not an ornamental plant species, but only a model in the decoration of house plants.

Hanging ornamental plants can be derived from ornamental plants, flowers, leaves, or fruit. But remember, not everything can be an ornamental plant hanging, only certain plants include:

1. Fuchsia Plant
Fuchsia Plant

Fucshia ornamental plants are from the Caribbean. In essence this fuchsia plant is a scrub or tree that has a small size.

When flowering, fuchsia ornamental plants have very beautiful flowers and beautiful. It has a color on a flower that is very striking to see.

And for the treatment, this ornamental plant needs a cool environment and requires plenty of water for its survival.

In general, these fuchsia ornamental plants flower in the late spring until early autumn. This plant bar flowering after 12 weeks.

2. Lantana Plant
Lantana Plant

One ornamental plant originated from the native tropical regions of Central and South America. Normally this plant grows in areas with a height of 1700 m above sea level.

This plant can produce nectar that can provoke butterflies into the garden or yard of your house, and can make the atmosphere more beautiful and interesting.

3. Petunia Plants
Petunia Plants

The spread of ornamental plants petunia has reached the whole world. Because this plant has become a favorite hanging ornamental plants.

To care for ornamental plants this petunia fairly relatively easy. Just need enough water and enough sunlight, similar to the Sedum Morganianum plant.

4. Begonia plant
Begonia plant

Begonia is an ornamental plant that is easy to bloom. the appearance of the begonia flowers is similar to the roses.

This flower is also suitable hanging. These ornamental plants are also native to tropical and subtropical plants. In its care, must pay attention to the place and its watering.

When the dry season / summer, this ornamental plant should be placed in a slightly shady place. Although this begonia decorative plants like with direct sunlight, good planting medium begonia this is a moist soil.

5. White Beard Plant
White Beard Plant

Named white beard Because this plant grows like a white man's beard. Hehehe. This plant is very good if hanged, because this plant will grow down.  Its unique shape and bright colors make many people love this plant.

6. Bowiea Volubilis Plant
Bowiea Volubilis Plant

Bowiea Volubilis plant is a plant that still has a relationship with the onion-bawangan. Its beautiful shape and propagate very suitable to be hanging decorative plant. These plants can live in the lowlands or highlands.

7. Lobelia Plant
Lobelia Plant

This lobelia plant is a good plant hanged in a place that many exposed to sunlight with soil conditions that are not dry.

The color of the most lobelia flower is purplish blue. In addition ad also has a red, white, blue, and or pink. When the flower of this plant grows bloom, it will look very beautiful.

Care interest is enough to provide water when summer or autumn. You can provide liquid fertilizer every 6 weeks to accelerate its growth.

8. Orchid plants
Orchid plants

Orchids, one of the best ornamental plants. The orchid plants will have the beauty of flowers when they get similar support in their natural habitat.

Based on where it grows, orchids have thousands of species of orchids split in saprofit, epiphytic, terrestrial, and brassavola orchids. Orchids can also live without sticking to trees or other plants, by hanging.

There are several ways, namely the first is the orchid plant stems diikit with wire or plastic strap and hung on the terrace.

Then another way by hanging by giving baskets or pots, whether of ceramic or wood in which there are orchid plants, and the roots of the hanging sphagnum moss to dense to keep the plant moisture.

9. Geranium Plant
Geranium Plant

Geranium plants are quite popular. Geranium is a flower of ornamental plants that have a strikingly dominant color red.

This ornamental plant will be very beautiful when on display at home by hanging. The striking color is perfect for cleansing the head during dizziness or stress.

Geranium has the original name Pelargonium. Indeed geranium is a plant that is not favored by mosquitoes or mosquito repellent plants. This plant has about 200 species.

10. Zygo Cactus Plant
Zygo Cactus Plant

Ornamental plants Zygo Cactus is a plant that is very happy with the morning sun, and also grow well on high humidity.

Although growth is also fairly slow, but when the flowering time buds flower together. Of course this will give beauty in your home page if you plant it.

11. Black Eyed Susan Vine Plant
Black Eyed Susan Vine Plant

Caring for decorative plants Black Eyed Susan Vine quite easy. The middle part is quite dense and a little dark color, surrounded by flower leaves. This ornamental plant is also referred to as Thunbergia Alanta.

This ornamental plant includes a very popular plant among ornamental plants that hung in every house that has hanging decorative plants.

12. Sedum Morganianum Plant
Sedum Morganianum Plant

Ornamental plants this one is an ornamental plant that requires a lot of sun lighting but only need a little water.

This plant is similar to cactus plants, so not too much trouble if you plant it. This plant needs only watered twice a day.

13. Portulaca plant
Portulaca plant

This plant is very suitable to be hung to memperidah your home page. Portulaca ornamental plants have a fairly slow growth.

Even so, the flowers that grow will look very beautiful and beautiful, of course this is comparable with waak waiting time.

14. Flower Plants Lipstick
Flower Plants Lipstick

Named lipstick flowers because of the shape of the flower that almost resembles a woman's lipstick. But the color on this flower is not just red, but there are some colors like pink, orange, and yellow. This ornamental plant is also an ornamental plant that easy maintenance.

15. Million Bells Plant
Million Bells Plant

This ornamental plant is native to South America. In one plant there can be a few colors of flowers that grow, including blue, purple, pink, and yellow.

So do not be surprised if the beautiful make cool mind. This ornamental plant is the best hanging plants, because the flowering time does not know the season.

Confused to choose hanging decorative plants because of the many choices? My advice is to choose which can grow in accordance with the climate of your home and which you consider the most you can care for.

So little discussion of the 15 Ornamental Hanging Plants Indoor and Outdoors hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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