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14 Types of Vegetables and Hydroponic Plants That You Can Try - Hydroponics is one method of cultivating plants in a manner without the use of soil.

It aims to suppress the fulfillment of the minerals and nutrients that plants can grow with more leverage.

By using this method, where the growth of plants will keep growing and growing well if water and mineral nutrients that plants need are always met. So what kind of plants that can use this hydroponic method?

In this article we will try to review the wide range of vegetables and fruits that can use the hydroponic method. Basically, almost all types of plants can use this method.

Only hydroponics is not just important to grow, but hydroponics brought the concept that is user friendly and has a recurring (turnover) is fast.

1. Pakcoy Hydroponics
Pakcoy Hydroponics

Pakcoy plant is one that is still relatively green vegetables with mustard. Even plants mustard spoon is named because it is shaped like a spoon. Pakcoy material commonly used for soup or as a garnish food.

2. Strawberry Hydroponics
Strawberry Hydroponics

Strawberry is one of the fruits that contain lots of vitamin c. This plant usually grows in the highlands. Did you know if the planting strawberry with hydroponic techniques will get results more fruit?

This is because by using hydroponic plants can absorb more nutrients, so that growth and development will be maximized.

3. Vegetable Hydroponic Tomatoes
Vegetable Hydroponic Tomatoes

I do not know, is in the category of fruit or vegetable, if the word Java people sing a healthy critical . Nutritional and vitamin content in tomatoes is enormous.

And this includes the types of plants that are also easy to grow using the hydroponics method.
Specific guidance on this one fruit or vegetable you can read on page tomatoes hydroponically .

4. Spinach Hydroponics
Spinach Hydroponics

Spinach is one of the greens that often we encounter in various places in Indonesia, especially in every diner.

Spinach contains nutrients that is extraordinary, not only vitamins but Spinach also contains magnesium, calcium, folate, protein, and fiber.

5. Vegetables Hydroponics Mustard
Vegetables Hydroponics Mustard

Mustard is a vegetable that is familiar to us. Market demand for cabbage increased so as to make the farmers to think smarter again.

One way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the mustard plant is using hydroponics meode.

Various types of mustard can you plant using the hydroponic method, but the most convenient and efficient is the kind of green cabbage. Obviously if there is a way that is more profitable and easier why not do?

For you who are interested in planting lettuce using hydroponic methods, we have a special review of mustard hydroponics , please read.

6. Kale Hydroponics

Kale Hydroponics
Kale is one of the vegetables that are very popular in Indonesia. Each person can obtain kale to buy in the market or even to grow their own. Because basically planted spinach is fairly easy and can be done by anyone.

7. Beans Hydroponics
Beans Hydroponics

Bean plant is a plant that is not familiar to us. Beans contain nutrients known as extraordinary as vegetable protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C.
This plant is not a plant that is difficult to be planted, because that many farmers in Indonesia who cultivate these plants.
To improve the effectiveness and efficiency, the farmers are now using the hydroponic method.

8. Eggplant Hydroponics
Eggplant Hydroponics

Eggplant is one type of plant commonly often used as a culinary ingredient cuisine. Planting eggplant basically require large amounts of land in order to get results that are very abundant.

Along with the development of agricultural technology more remarkable, eggplant plant could now be on land that is not so wide using hydroponics system.

By planting eggplant with this hydroponic method as well as perform routine maintenance, then you will get an abundant harvest.

9. Hydroponics Vegetable Chili
Hydroponics Vegetable Chili

There is already a special discussion about chili hydroponics , how to plant it can easily follow. Because, in principle, it is not necessary to plant chilies intensive care such as the types of ornamental plants in general.

10. Kailan Hidroponik Vegetables
Kailan Hidroponik Vegetables

Vegetables such as cabbage kailan is similar, but not too popular in the culinary world. We are more familiar with kale and collards.

Kainlan, also known as Chinese broccoli is indeed not a native of Indonesia, but from china as the name suggests.

These vegetables have leaves and stems are thick and green. This plant flowers often processed into a variety of cuisines, especially by means of pan-fried.

11. Pare Hydroponics
Pare Hydroponics

Pare plant is one kind of vegetable vine, green fruit color and taste very bitter. However, pare vegetables was very favored by the people of Indonesia.

Pare it contains a very remarkable as vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus, and iron. If cultivated with appropriate techniques, the plant is capable of producing 10 kg pare of each plant.

This plant is the most productive plant somewhat when compared with other vegetable crops.

12. Green Hydroponics Lettuce
Green Hydroponics Lettuce

Lettuce is commonly grown vegetable crops in areas with temperate climates and tropical regions. During this time the plant is often used as a salad king because in terms of a very fine texture. Lettuce consumed raw and commonly found in salad hamburger.

Very high market demand makes the lettuce as a promising business. In addition it is suitable lettuce grown with hydroponic method. The result is better and certainly will be much more efficient.

13. Cucumbers Hydroponics
Cucumbers Hydroponics

Cucumber is one of the plants that are always needed in the kitchen. Cucumbers can ditanaman by various methods. But a more appropriate method for growing cucumbers is the hydroponic method.

14. Hydroponic Broccoli
Hydroponic Broccoli

Broccoli is one kind of plant similar to cabbage and contains lots of essential nutrients in it. These plants usually live in areas with an altitude of 800 - 1000 m above sea level.

But with the development of technology, which should broccoli grows only in the highlands, but now can be developed in the lowlands. One way to increase the production of broccoli is using hydroponic growing methods.

Now that some of the plants that you can plant in the garden or in the yard around your house using hydroponic techniques.
If you pursue the plant by this technique, then this can you make as a profitable business fields for the future. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

So little discussion of the 14 Types of Vegetables and Hydroponic Plants That You Can Try hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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