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This He Interesting Facts About Plants Hydroponics You Need To Know - Hydroponic plant is one method of planting is mostly done by lovers of cultivation, be it plant fruit or flowers. The hydroponic plants has been developed to date, and not just a hobby, but it could also be an attractive investment for you. Here are some interesting facts you need to know about the plants that are cultivated using hydroponic methods.

Already Starting Developed Since the 1800s An

One of the interesting facts of crops using the hydroponic method is development. Yes, the cultivation of crops using the hydroponic method has been developed since the 1800s. About - about, in the 1850's, there is a development method without using soil cultivation techniques. Most importantly, the nutrients from plants as well as plants to be cultivated right - really met properly and also fulfilled, so that the plants can thrive and grow to perfection, though not using soil media at all.

Plants Hydroponics is a method of Growing Without Soil

When you hear the word herbs and plants, would you immediately think of the ground as the planting medium is not it? Well, hydroponic growing media is one that does not use the land at all. This makes you able to cultivate this plant anywhere, including the cultivation of hydroponic plants at home . Some media instead of soil that you can use to create hydroponic plants simple among others are:
  • Remember
  • sponges
  • Rock wool
  • Charcoal
  • Brickbat
  • And many other media that you can use.


Hydroponics Plant Pot Large-Size Does not Need

Well, other interesting facts from the cultivation of crops using the hydroponic method is you do not need to use a special pot. You can create your own pot according to your creativity. For example, you can cultivate hydroponic plants in bottles of nutrients, you can make out of plastic bottles, or using polybags only. It is easy and practical as not to cultivating your favorite plants?

Hydroponics Plant Has Diversified Crop Variation

Although using a planting medium that is not using the land, however, hydroponic plants themselves can be utilized to cultivate various plants tablets. You can plant and cultivate their own crops - your plants using hydroponics at home , using a variety of materials or hydroponic media. Well, for more details, here are some of the types of plants that you can grow and you cultivated using hydroponic methods:
  • Paprika
  • Tomato
  • Chili
  • Cucumber
  • Melon
  • Zucchini
  • sealed

Interested? You can plant a vegetable - favorite vegetable of your own home, without having to have a spacious garden. So, when you need your veggies, you just go into your living room or to your pages to pick it, without having to have a large area and is also great for cropping media.

Methods Plant Hydroponics Using Nutrition Solution For Making Plant Becoming Fertile

While not using soil media, but the nutrients from the plant will remain intact and also fulfilled optimally. This is because it must prepare its own nutrients for your hydroponic plants. supposing, as you have a pet that you must feed and vitamins every day to stay healthy and also grow large and lush. Some types of fertilizer can Count on and can you make as a nutrient solution for the plants you cultivated using hydroponic methods.

This is consistent with the meaning of the term hydroponics itself, where hydro / hydro meaning water, and also ponik / ponos which means power. Thus, the most important thing in the cultivation of crops using the hydroponic method is also a solution of water and nutrients in the water.

Well, it is unique and also some interesting facts that you should know before you want to cultivate crops using the hydroponic method. How? Are you already interested and want to try to cultivate hydroponic plants in your home? Let's look at the example photos hydroponic plants that I managed to take:

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