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Maintaining and Care of Ornamental Ferns In Room and Out Room

Maintaining and Care of Ornamental Ferns - Since the first Ornamental Ferns quite popular in the community. Ornamental plants that have tens of thousands of species have even been there since prehistoric times with diverse views. There is a type of fern plants are dense bush but some are thin but high.

Although it has many types of ornamental plants Pakis however require relatively equal treatment. One more thing, this plant can be maintained both inside and outside the room.

By itself requires treatment plant according to the location where it is placed. In order fern can grow large and perfectly see how to maintain and care for the following.

How to Maintain and Care of Ornamental Ferns In Room

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  • Select Location Ideal

Place the fern near a window overlooking the North as ornamental plants need sunlight of imagery surrounding environment.

If there are no windows facing north place it near a window facing south. If placed near a window facing the East or the West tend to get many direct sunlight so that growth is not good.

  • Note Factors Humidity

Ornamental plants like ferns very high humidity. How to maintain high humidity that is by planting a potted fern double.

It could also complement the engine room using a humidifier or an air humidifier. Place a humidifier near the plants in order to make an impact Pakis optimal growth.

  • Note Temperature Stability 

For indoor ornamental plants more suitable to choose species of fern of the tropics. Therefore, make sure the temperature in the room or where ferns ornamental plants placed there the range of 20 degrees Celsius. Actually, this ornamental plants can survive temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius but can not grow properly.

  • Flush Regularly

In addition to high humidity like fern plants tend to grow optimally in wet soil. Therefore, make sure the soil in pots in constantly wet conditions.

But remember, the plants should not be submerged. Flush regularly every day with a little water so that the plants do not get submerged.

  • Give Fertilizer 1 Month One

Find a special fertilizer for ornamental plants ornamental plants Ferns in a nearby shop. Spray fertilizer once a month as a nutrient that may be found in soil or growing media. For fertilization should be done at least 6 months after planting in pots.

How Maintaining and Care of Ornamental Ferns Out the Room 

Maintaining and Care of Ornamental Ferns out Room Images

  • Choose the Right Location

If the plant is already growing ornamental ferns in the park should not be moved to another place, unless there are signs of disease.

As well as ferns are grown indoors, outdoors Ferns also like the moist air and the imagery of the surrounding environment.

Therefore, we recommend ferns planted under shade trees that are not exposed to direct sunlight. Frond easily wither and burn if exposed to too much direct sunlight.

  • Ensure Land Still Wet

If the rainfall is irregular ornamental plants should be watered daily Pakis that the soil remains moist. At the top soil can add a solid layer of pine leaves or mulch. Its thickness is about 5-7 cm. With so humidity is maintained and evaporation rate is always high.

  • Give Fertilizer 1 Month One

Just like a fern plant indoors, outdoors fern plants should be fertilized every 1 month. Fertilization first performed 6 months after ferns are planted.

We recommend that you choose an organic fertilizer that is used by spraying. Follow usage instructions so that maximum results.

  • Get Rid of Leaves Damaged

Unlike the indoor ferns, ornamental fern plant outdoors are more susceptible to pests and diseases are rare. If there are leaves damaged by pests or diseases immediately cut with scissors.

In addition to the remaining leaf quality is ensured this way as well as to anticipate that pests and diseases do not spread to other parts or transmitted to other ornamental plants.

Ornamental Frens plants both inside and outside the room the longer it will grow even greater. Because it takes separation or replanting.

At the time divide the plant into sections small plants should be especially cautious when lifting the roots. Make sure the roots remain intact and not broken in order to grow normally.

So little discussion of the Maintaining and Care of Ornamental Ferns In Room and Out Room hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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