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6 Example Plants Hydroponics

6 Excample Hydroponics Plants - Hydroponic plant is one of the interesting plant species. Penanamannay also sometimes complicated process, depending on the growing media and plant species are used. For those of you who want to know examples of plants hidropnik , let's consider the following review!

Hydroponics Plants sealed

You know sala, right? Or for those of you who prefer the taste of the archipelago surely you know vegetables, right? Well, usually one of the vegetables most often included in mixed salads or vegetables also are lettuce.

Yup, this is indeed a green leaf plant a vegetable that can be eaten immediately or raw without having dimasaka first. Lettuce is one example of hydroponic plants.

This lettuce is suited to be grown hydroponically, loh! to grow lettuce does not require extra effort and attention, and not complicated.

At the time of sowing plant seeds, only within a period of 2 weeks it will grow leaves. After that you can move lettuce to the main planting media for flowing water and nutrient solution in order to grow quickly.

To stimulate the growth of lettuce quickly, you can cut the outer leaves so that the leaves inside will soon grow to replace it. Not too hard, right?

Hydroponics Plants  Cucumber

Examples of other hydroponic crops is Cucumber. Who does not know the cucumber? Cucumber is one of the favorite vegetables of course.

You can find these cucumbers in a hodgepodge, lotek, vegetables, pickles, and other tasty dishes. This is perfect when cucumbers are grown hydroponically, but this turned cucumbers need more attention than lettuce.

One of the keys in order to get the maximum cucumbers are cucumbers grown in the area or areas that are exposed to sunlight.

If the cucumbers grown in the greenhouse, ensure that incoming solar light illuminates enough of the cucumber plants. In addition to sunlight, cucumbers also requires a larger container.

Obviously this is because if the small containers are used, the results are not optimal cucumber shape is not perfect or even tend to be small and uninteresting. Caring for cucumbers is indeed somewhat troublesome.

Hydroponics Plants Mustard

One example of hydroponic plants is a type of vegetable is cabbage. This mustard is also a favorite vegetable in the community. Variety of tasty food preparations are also using this one vegetable.

Well, to grow it yourself is indeed suitable plants with the hydroponics system. This mustard seedlings can be found with ease.

In addition, treatment is not complicated even relatively easy. But you still need to check periodically that the mustard free from pests are stubborn.

Hydroponics Plants Kale

Examples of hydroponic plants belonging to the category of other vegetables are kale. Who does not like spinach? This kale can be found in a variety of processed foods.

If you eat the Sundanese cuisine, of course it did not fit, if not eat kale. Besides delicious kale also has many benefits such as to overcome difficulty sleeping or insomnia.

Well, kale is a type of plant to be grown hydroponically. You can do this kale harvest on day 27 or 28. Through all of the time, then kale bitter and can not be enjoyed.

Aloe Vera
Hydroponics Plants Aloe Vera

To plant this one is not included vegetables, yes. Yup, aloe vera is a species of ornamental plants. Ornamental plants which one is most suitable ditanaman with the hydroponic method.

Most of the aloe vera plant grown in medium husk. Aloe vera besides being a decoration for your home and garden, it has a number of other benefits for health and beauty,.

Call it to remove body toxins, helps pencerenaan system, a source of vitamins and minerals, helps treat diabetes, can remove scars, help hair health, and much more.

In addition to health and beauty, apparently aloe vera can be useful to clean the air in the room from pollutants.

Hydroponics Plants Roses

Roses are undoubtedly the most existing types of flowers to give to others, especially to express affection.

Well, it turns out the rose is also suitable to be grown hydroponically. Characteristics of these roses will survive Java during the presence of water. Surely roses can also be use as a decoration in your home.

So little discussion of the 6 Example Plants Hydroponics hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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