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4 Types of Expensive Ornamental Plants Bonsai That Must be Planted in the Garden of Your Home

bonsai tree indoor - From the kinds of ornamental plants, bonsai which ranked number one. Why?. Not only because of its small size and tiny but bonsai plants generally have different resistance from other ornamental plant that is necessary to be able to take care of the extra treatment plants of this type in the yard or your yard.

For homes with a yard that is not too wide, can be tamanan ornamental bonsai priority because its tiny size it will take place less than you plant the leaves of ornamental plants which in fact requires a space wider. Well, here are some ornamental plants bonsai worth quite expensive with incredible beauty. Very shall be planted in your house as a complement to the beauty of the finished home.

Bougenvil images

Ornamental plants bonsai that this one was widely cultivated by the Chinese people or Chinese. They believe that this bougainvillea bonsai plant will be able to give good luck to the house occupies, therefore, not be surprised if the price of plants is quite expensive and is rarely sold on the free market.

Many people may not know that the most valuable thing of this is an ornamental plant bougainvillea blossoms. Although the flowers are very small, but not every month bougainvillea flowering, that's the real reason how valuable this kind of ornamental plants.

On the other hand, the interest of this bonsai ornamental plants are also a variety of tablets !. Some colors of flowers that often appear among white, purple, orange and bright red with a striking color. Sometimes these flowers of bougainvillea flowering up to meet the trees, prickly stems and very beautiful.

Bonsai Flower Asam Jawa
bonsai for beginners

Ornamental plants bonsai second is tamarind. Although true bougainvillea and tamarind was actually able to grow to a large size, but the distance from them to modify it into a bonsai plant.

Tamarind known as plant peneduhn this fact can be formed into a bonsai ornamental plants with leaves that are quite small-small, light green neat and unique anymore if nightfall, the leaves will be shut as if to sleep like a human.

However, if it has been made into a bonsai ornamental plants, tamarind will generally be difficult to bear fruit. The stem is beautiful with scratches like showing the old impression on the plant, but its small size. These plants are very suitable to be planted in low-lying areas are cool and rainfall is high.

Azalea Bonsai Flowers
what is a bonsai tree azaela

Azalea is also the type of decorative plants bonsai are much loved by the mothers. This herbaceous plant type is also widely planted by Sino believed to bring benefit to the grower and his family. Nevertheless bonsai ornamental plants suitable only grown in the highlands.

The lack of coolness in the air will make these types of plants quickly withered and broken. Azalea also able to generate enough interest pretty pink thick. But for bonsainya version, usually the flowers will grow along the leaf so that when the spring around the bonsai was green will be instantly transformed into a pretty pink color.

Ornamental Fir Shrimp
bonsai tree types

Other kinds of bonsai is an evergreen ornamental plants shrimp. Ornamental plants of this type has the advantage that is resistant to pests and weeds, so do not be surprised if his bonsai version has a remarkable immunity. Had with thin leaves and stems fresh and big hump that berlekuk- dent seemed able to give the impression of 'unique' for this type of bonsai plants.

This plant is widely cultivated in pots large. Even if it is old, bonsai plants can be very large, so make sure you are always diligent to replace the pot when the roots have started to come out of the pot. These plants can live in a tropical environment with little rainfall.

Well, good information about the  kinds of ornamental plants bonsai expensive above can inspire you all. So little discussion of the 4 Types of Expensive Ornamental Plants Bonsai That Must be Planted in the Garden of Your Home hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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